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Yes, this is an About page, but we hope that you feel it is more about you and your needs than just about Us. We have included a little bit of information about who we are and our experience so you can get a feel for who we are and if you would like us to help you.

Below we’ve included information About Us – You, Me & Your Virtual Business Solutions. To help you, we have included information who you are, how we can help people like you. 

Who are you?

About You

So, who are YOU? Our ideal client is a woman, although we work with anyone who wants to achieve their full potential and achieve amazing things. You are an independent professional, female entrepreneur, or business owner, and while your business has been trading successfully for at least three years, you want to accomplish more; you want to realise your business goals and personal dreams. You understand that outsourcing tasks can make improvements for you and your business. You know that outsourcing will allow you to focus on the parts of your business that will assist you to achieve amazing things in your business and personally. You have reached the point where you need help to take your business to the next level and that you can’t do it alone. You may have realised that your current branding, internal documents and business collateral doesn’t match the image you want to project or the long-term business goals. Or you want assistance with streamlining your processes to free up your time and remove those mundane, but important tasks.
Your Virtual Business Solutions offers business support for female professionals and business owners. Image shows a woman business support
Your Virtual Business Solutions business and design support for female professionals and business owners. - Woman sitting writing on a notepad with laptop on lap

As a female professional or business owner, you

01. are an independent professional, consultant, or business owner.

02. are aged between 35 and 75.

03. have been business for at least three years.

04. have an understanding of the benefits of outsourcing tasks and the benefits to you and your business.

05. have reached the point where you want to grow your business but don’t know how to get to the next level.

06. are time-poor and need systems in place to streamline your processes.

Your Virtual Business Solutions provides business support for female professionals and business owners. Image shows a woman using a tablet

Signs you're ready for additional support


You have reached the point where you know you need help to take your business to the next level.


You’re sick of juggling your client’s needs, completing non-productive tasks AND growing your own business.


You don’t want to waste any more time on “time-sapping” office management tasks or trying to design a new brochure.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people

- Steve Jobs

About Us

Our Vision

Empower women to reach their full potential and achieve amazing things.

Our Mission

To assist women achieve amazing things by providing business support and design services.

Our History

Your Virtual Business Solutions is Australian owned business located in Tamworth NSW. 

Our primary purpose is to assist independent female professionals, female entrepreneurs, and business owners achieve their business goals by providing the support and services they need, when they need it and how they need it.

We are a small group of focused, enthusiastic professionals dedicated to improving your business by alleviating your challenges and “pain points” so that your business can prosper and grow.

Whether you’re an independent professional, freelance consultant or small business owner, you can now have access to support at a level you need, but have only dreamed about.

Our Background

Your Virtual Business Solutions isn’t your typical design studio or business management support firm. With our unique background, which includes design, office management, board management, and general administration, we offer “One-Stop-Shop” support services that cover your entire business.

Our preference is to work with people who want to build a business relationship rather than just pay for a service or support. We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients and become their trusted partner. We are also more inclined to work with individuals or businesses who have similar views on social responsibility.

As a client, this means that we will be committed to working with you on an ongoing basis to assist you and your business to succeed and grow.

Why Us

YVBS Website Design Solutions images of websites
Example of branding by Your Virtual Business Solutions

Our Experience

Our team has a mixture of practical experience and formal training. Each one of our team has many years of practical experience and as a result have a wealth of knowledge. We’ve also operated our own small businesses and have experienced, and understand, most of the challenges you face as a small business owner.

We’ve also worked in government, corporate, and not-for-profit organisations, across banking, government, healthcare, and exhibition industry.

Areas of expertise

  • Business Management
  • Project Management
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Digital and Print Design
  • Website development & management

Nice to meet you!

A little about me

Hello, I’m Robyn Lang, I’m a virtual industry professional and small business owner. Like you and all small business owners, I understand only too well that there is never seems to be enough time in the day!

I’m passionate about helping women achieve amazing things and to enable them to reach their business dreams.

I take pleasure in helping people like you, to build meaningful and impactful businesses. I aim to help women achieve their business goals by providing offering a “One-Stop-Shop” support services, tailored towards female professionals and business owners. By offering a “One-Stop-Shop” business support and design services, we can take care of your business and design needs.

I have worked in banking, government, healthcare, and exhibition industries as well as having owned and operated several small businesses. With a career spanning over 40 years, and with experience in business administration and graphic and web design, you will have access to a wide range of practical experience.

My goal is to use my design talents and business administration experience to assist people like you to reach their full potential and achieve amazing things.

Robyn Lang, owner and principle of Your Virtual Business Solutions

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